Many celebrities choose pilates because not only does it improve their physical appearance, it also helps with their stamina, stress relief and focus. Pilates is invigorating and helps people feel de-stressed. For celebrities, on whom the outer world places a spotlight, pilates allows them to “get away from it all” by internalizing and connecting the mind to the body.
Karen Kain, former principal dancer with the National Ballet of Canada, was one of STOTT PILATES co-founder Moira Merrithew’s first clients. “Within the first week I could see a difference,” says Ms. Kain, “not only in my strength and flexibility, but in how much better my back felt.”

Sharon Stone credits pilates with her return to health. Working out on a STOTT PILATES reformer while filming in Ontario, she described pilates as “a centered, healthful, strengthening and balanced workout.”