Many high profile Celebrities and Sporting stars are now taking up Pilates.

Strength and conditioning coach for the Texas Rangers, Fernando Montes began recommending Pilates to his players in the early 1990’s. Pilates helped the players gain strength from the centre, or core, while “limiting the amount of stress on the joints. It gave them greater range of motion, and exposed some of their weaknesses.”

who-1Further evidence of the versatility of Pilates is the fact that many athletes participating in the 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing credited the exercise as part of their training regimens. According to various sources, Olympian devotees of Pilates include:

  • Jason Kidd and New Jersey Nets – NBA
  • Tiger Woods, David Duval, Annika Sorenstam, Kelli Kuehne, Andrew McGee, Carin Koch, Grace Park and Betsy King – Professional Golfers
  • Jason Giambi – Professional Baseballer
  • Venus Williams, Pat Cash and Martina Navratalova – Tennis Players
  • Levi Wenrich – Hart Basketball
  • Sarina Coutin – Hart Soccer
  • Dale Fairclough – SCV club Water Polo
  • Ruben Brown – NFL
  • Curt Schilling – MLB
  • Madonna, Oprah Winfrey, Rod Stewart, Uma Therman, Hugh Grant, Jennifer Aniston, Patrick Swayze, Cindy Crawford, Sharon Stone, Gwyneth Paltrow, Courtney Cox , Michael Crawford, Jamie Lee Curtis, Sting, Trudy Styler.
  • New Zealand All Blacks, England, Canterbury Bulldogs and Melbourne Storm – Rugby Teams
  • AC Milan, Ryan Giggs, Craig Bellamy, Gary Speed, Marlon Harewood, West Ham Utd, Bolton Wanderers, Sunderland, Newcastle Utd and Bohemians – Football players and teams
  • San Francisco 49ers, Detroit Lions, Cleveland Indians – American football/baseball Teams
  • The Nottingham Panthers – Ice Hockey

who-2Pilates Fever: Beijing Olympics

Pilates is extremely popular with olympic competetents such as: USA swimmers Dara Torres and Nathalie Coughlin, USA sprinter Sanya Richards, British triathalete Hollie Avil, Australian sailor Tessa Parkinson, Canadian rower Tracey Cameron.

“I used to feel like crap after practice and games but not since Pilates. I learned to breathe through my muscles. My posture is better. I can run more fluidly. And I increased my bench workouts. I came out of the season injury-free.”

Ruben Brown, Chicago Bears (NFL)

“Pilates is going to add five, six, seven… years to my career.”

Rocco Mediate, PGA Tour Pro

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