Hockey can be a high impact game, resulting in mild to serious injuries. Most hockey injuries sustained (often in the head area) are by the player being struck by a ball or a stick.

The game requires players to accelerate quickly in response to the ball and to suddenly change direction. These are the main causes of injuries to the ankle and knee.

You can combine Yoga & Pilates to create a balanced muscle stretching exercises programme tailored to your individual needs. Yoga & Pilates share many features e.g. certain Pilates exercises are based on Yoga poses, and both practices emphasize the importance of good breathing, awareness and of working within your abilities. North West Pilates & Yoga Centre aims to take the best of both methods, combining core strength that is the fundamental idea of Pilates with the flexibility of Yoga. Practising Pilates will bring extra strength, stability and awareness to your yoga, while practicing yoga will bring better breathing, flexibilty and relaxation to your Pilates practice.

“I have played Hockey the last 25 years, the last 15 of which for one of the best teams in the country, Bowdon Hightown. Hockey is a demanding sport, played on artificial surfaces known as “astro-turf” and involves speed and endurance and much of the movement involves twisting and turning. This puts a huge amount of pressure on the back, groin and adductors, knees and ankles. Consequently core strength is vital in ensuring that a player can compete for the duration of the season.”
Michelle Liptrot, Client

pilates for hockey

“It has become considerably harder to stay fit and injury free throughout the season and I have struggled with groin and adductor injuries for the latter part of the season.”
“I have been attending Nisha’s Pilates classes for nearly 9 months and it has made such a difference. Firstly the classes are challenging and you can really focus on improving your concentration, posture and using the right muscle groups to give you the most significant improvements. In terms of my hockey, Pilates has really given me a new lease of life, allowing me to stay stronger and fitter for longer, staying injury free and able to compete without any worries.”
“I will certainly be carrying on with Nisha’s classes and if you want to improve your core strength for whatever sport you play I would definitely recommend it!”