Nisha Srivastava – Pilates Instructor

Nisha SrivastavaNisha Srivastava is a fully certified Level 2 STOTT PILATES® instructor, qualified to teach from beginner to advance levels on Mat, Reformer, Cadillac, Chair and Barrels.

Marketa Manhart

Marketa Manhart is a Pilates instructor and Crossfit athlete, training for a competition in Rainhill Trialls (Winter 2016). She is highly motivated and ambitious individual with 8 year experience in practising, with focus on MAT muscle activation technique, core strength, balance and correct breathing technique. She has a solid self determination and a strong passion for health, fitness and well being, and possesses a strong ability to motivate other individuals.

Lesia Swain

Lesia first fell in love with Pilates in Ukraine when she discovered its therapeutic qualities after attending classes in Kiev. Having long suffered with minor back pains, Pilates provided the prolonged relief that she needed and inspired a more positive outlook on life.