Sailing and windsurfing are strenuous sports involving the entire body. You need to be extremely fit, with muscular strength, in order to endure the strenuous pressures of competition racing and handling heavy equipment.

Such vigorous activity can lead to injuries that specifically relate to the posture you adopt whilst sailing. For example the sewer person-the person responsible for packing the sails tends to be more susceptible to problems in the lumbar spine area because of the forward bending, and constant rotating of the spine required to drag and pack the sails.

The grinder, or winch man, is more susceptible to upper body injuries as well as lower back problems. These are caused by constant bending forward and the high-speed motions required moving the winch handles. Although windsurfing is a solo sport, injuries can occur as a result of falls, upper body strain and sudden changes in direction. A Pilates & Yoga Sailing Fitness Programme will keep every sailor in every port happy.