Joseph Pilates originally intended for all clients to use all the studio equipment.

We need to associate our moves with our everyday life and keep our actions functional. So rather than lying on a Reformer bed for an hour, we have created a diverse multi plane sequence involving the three planes;

  • Sagittal
  • Frontal
  • Transverse

By using all the equipment clients will get a more balanced programme and also understand the essence of Joseph Pilates intentions. You will learn to understand your body better and enhance your motor skills. Clients will use the Reformer, Cadillac and small Barrels progressing to large Barrel and Stability chair. Experience the full studio in a shared private on the Cadillac, Reformer and towerTower then zoom in with time on individual apparatus like the Ladder barrel and the stability chair.

“I have just started to get into Pilates since September this year. I saw the advert in the paper for the clinical Pilates, it stated Pilates can help with neck and back pain which I have suffered with for years, and boy was this right! Since joining I don’t think I can be without it now! I love it.

I started doing Nisha’s Monday evening Clinical Pilates which I thoroughly enjoyed, found extremely relaxing and really helped to ease my neck pain. From then I joined the Reformer classes ran by Marketa. The instructor is great, she supports me and pushes me which I like, I find it challenging but in a good way, It really helps strengthen and align my body…I almost feel taller when I’ve finished. Once I went into the class with chronic neck pain and I was a bit dubious about going but I kid you not, half way through the class, the pain was gone!

When I do the classes I forget about the stresses of life and have the most amazing ‘me time’ , Pilates really helps to replenish and revitalise me and I know I have found my new life long hobby”.

Laura Clark

Our Fuse ladders, Garuda slings and  Pilates Reformer multi equipment sessions  run progressive programmes for up to four to five people. Garuda slings, fuse ladders and Reformer multi equipment machines help assist you with your posture and strength exercise during the class, using the spring-loaded system on each piece of apparatus. The Reformer carriage helps with ideal positioning and back support, so these classes  prevent injury, boost performance; strengthen, condition, stretch and build balance and coordination. All clients are brought in through a professional consultation. Pilates reformer apparatus courses start on the 1st of each month. We sell All Apparatus passes in single (£25 drop in) or membership packages (email for details). Grab a package and book as you go; or book a few weeks ahead to reserve a spot at your most suitable time.


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