Knee Replacement

Knee replacement, also called arthroplasty, is a surgical procedure to resurface a knee damaged by arthritis. Metal and plastic parts are used to cap the ends of the bones that form the knee joint, along with the kneecap. This surgery may be considered for someone who has severe arthritis or a severe knee injury.


Can Pilates help if you’ve had a knee replacement?

Pilates restores the alignment of the body. It is an ideal forum to both ensure that the joints in question are in optimal position and to correct imbalances or faults that could exacerbate the condition that caused the problem in the first place.


Can Yoga help if you’ve had a knee replacement?

Many people choose to practice yoga after knee replacement surgery, as there are many medical benefits of yoga. If you are recovering from knee replacement surgery and would like to begin or continue practicing yoga, you should be aware of many poses and modifications that can assist in the overall healing process.