Mbodies Studio Pilates specialist qualification (Apprentice Variation)

Starts early 2016

The Mbodies Studio Pilates Specialist Qualification is an established modular qualification, taught across the UK. It meets the needs of instructors and employers working in, or owning, small boutique Pilates studios. We focus largely on one-on-one clients and small groups as well as larger more equipment specific studios.

The Apprenticeship scheme in Sale, Manchester is a variation of the Modular system and combines formal teaching with supported apprentice hours in the studio.  In this case the Mbodies studio repertoire 1, 2 , 3 Module and the Mbodies teaching and planning modules are integrated into the apprentice time in the studio. This compliments the additional Anatomy teaching to prepare students to take the final certification exams.

This specialist qualification combines studio Health and Safety education, individual equipment safety, maintenance and set up, client induction on apparatus, studio repertoire on reformer, half cadillac tower, pilates chair, ladder barrel and small barrels and studio craft education built into the apprenticeship teaching. This is 380 hours in total and would be run like a formal school teaching qualification with lessons planning etc

Induction course 20 hours (All taught)

Repertoire 60 Hours (All taught)

Studio Teaching, Observation,Performance, Reflection (250 hours)

* Observation Hours (minimum 25 hours)

* Lesson Planning for teaching hours (minimum 25 hours)

* Teaching Hours (minimum 50 hours)

* Own Practice (minimum 50 hours)

* Reflective Logging (70 hours)

* Revision of content from component courses (minimum 18 hours)

* Written Examination (minimum 2 hour)

* Preparation for Practical examination (minimum 12 hours)

* Practical Examination (2 hours)

The Art of Teaching the Art of Joseph Pilates (7 hours)

Studio Pilates Program Design & Progression (7 hours)

Anatomy modules with Nisha Srivastava

  • “The truth about the core ” – 6 hours CPD
  • “Hips, hamstrings & lower limb” – 6 hours CPD
  • “Spinal revolution”- 6 hours CPD
  • ” Pilates & movement in Amateur & Professional Sport ” – 12 hours CPD
  • “Common injuries & ailments in class – cancer, lower back pain, knee pain, hip replacement etc ” – 6 hours CPD
  • “The Art of flexibility ” – Why are some of us more mobile than others ? Why do some people never see to get more mobile ?  How to challenge hyper-mobile students  – 6 Hours CPD

Pilates Studio Apparatus Induction


Participants on this module must either be Medically qualified Physical Therapists (Physiotherapists, Chiroptactors, Osteopaths or similar) or they must be able to show evidence of a Level 3 or equivalent Pilates Matwork qualification.

In some circumstances, for those who are teaching Pilates Matwork without evidence of an awarding body certification we will consider evidence of having attended a recognised Pilates Matwork course in conjunction with current evidence from a UK insurer that you are insured by them to be teaching Pilates Matwork.

DurationThis is a 20 hour formal taught course taught over a Friday half day and full weekend

Studio Repertoire (Apprentice taught)


Participants upon this Module are required to have completed and passed the Mbodies Pilates Studio Apparatus Induction Module 60 Formal teaching hours will be completed within the scope of the apprenticeship at the studio – these hours will teach the repertoire based in three studio equipment exercises manuals – ensuring

that the apprentice is familiar to perform and teach a wide range of classical Pilates and adapted progressions and regressions covering Extension, Flexion, lateral Flexion, Rotation and peripheral limb exercises on all appropriate equipment.

The style of teaching is to consider the exercise as the primary focus and then take the exercise to the various appropriate pieces of equipment – Reformer, Cadillac Tower, Split or fixed Pedal Chair, barrels etc. to learn variations and why each piece of equipment changes the focus, range of movement or stability challenges when performing that repertoire.

Studio Teaching, Observation, Own Performance (Apprentice taught 125 hours) (Self study and reflection 125 hours)

Prerequisites :

Participants upon this Module are required to have completed and passed the Mbodies Pilates Studio Apparatus Induction Module and enrolled in the full Studio Apprenticeship scheme

Within the Apprentice programme students will be able to complete a minimum of 125 contact hours working with clients, own participation on equipment or observing others teaching to fulfil the requirement of the Mbodies Pilates Studio Specialist Qualification to gain the following Studio equipment experience :

* Observation Hours (minimum 25 hours)

* Teaching Hours (minimum 50 hours)

* Own Practice (minimum 50 hours)

Each of the observation hours, teaching Hours and Own Practice hours must be formally recorded using a unique ‘reflective logging’ process which you are guided through after logging-in to the Mbodies Student logging portal. In addition to the logging process there will be lesson planning, revision and reading required to prepare yourself for final written and practical assessments.

Final Assessment is independent of the studio and involves a written paper and a Practical examination to which you will take a willing subject with you a your ‘body’. The assessment could take place in the Studio or you could travel to a number of examiner’s own studios in the UK if you wish to save the cost of the examiner travelling to you.